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Engine 5

Engine 5

Introducing Engine 5, an incredible new platform with countless capabilities. Featuring a number of innovative features, Engine 5 will take your website to a whole new level. Discover the latest Engine 5 features by browsing our list below.

These features include:

Built for mobile.
Built-in SSL certificates.
Enhanced specials widget.
Enhanced vehicle locator/search.
Enhanced personnel list with the ability to download VCards.
Enhanced contact info and Google map.
Add items to your wish list, compare them and quickly send enquiries.
The ability to compare all items in the wish list.
The ability to send a single enquiry for all items in the wish list.
The ability to share specials and banners.
Enhanced new model information.
Advanced group URL functionality.
New and improved Stock Module 2.0.
Brand-new User edit feature.
The ability to update your blog, articles and vehicle deliveries.
Automatically share your blogs, deliveries and specials with Social Scheduler.
Compare your vehicle stock pricing with the market thanks to Synopsis Lite.

Engine 5 has been a long time coming and we cannot wait for you to reap all the benefits of this cutting edge platform. For more information, please email support@ix.co.za, call 087 551 1446 or WhatsApp 081 242 5883.

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