Why work at iX

Our Edge Factors

Today’s work today

Tell the client by what day it will be done, and then don’t go home on that day until it’s done. Home time is not 17h05 if the work is not yet done. No exceptions.

Fast Feedback

Feedback is the norm. Giving feedback fast gives you an edge. If a client or colleague has to ask for feedback, you’re too slow. You have to tell them before they ask.

Take Ownership

Take ownership. Make it happen. It’s never someone else’s problem. If you’re involved, you’re responsible. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Be Proactive

Think ahead. Do it before they even ask. Try to imagine what they might need and then do it.

Client Involvement

Involve clients in system enhancements. After all, we develop systems that need to work for the clients.

Lasting Solutions

Quick fixes often come back to bite you. Create solutions that work in the long run,having taken all factors into account. Get it right the first time.

Right 1 st Time

Whether it’s for a client or a colleague, make sure you check everything. If you have to fix something then it wasn’t right 1 st time.

Prioritize for Maximum Impact

Prioritize your tasks in such a way as to get maximum positive impact. If you can do it now, as opposed to 4 hours time, and it will greatly impress your client or colleague, then do it now.

Act as One Team

We all work together. We’re all here to keep clients happy. Remember that there is always a client behind your colleague. Treat your colleagues like clients.

Build Relationships

Build relationships with your clients and colleagues. It’s these relationships that build a business and your personal success.

Intuitive Systems

We need to build user-friendly systems and processes. Make it easy for the client and your colleagues. The easier and quicker the better.

Be Extravagant

Do something special once a week, and be extravagant about it.

9 of many reasons to work at iX:

Work where you live
Career Planning
Join a Diverse Team
Flexible Learning Options
Health & Accident Benefit
Staff Canteen
Performance based incentives
Forward thinking leadership

Most importantly...
9. We have an excellent employee support system!!

Our Mission Statement

As change agents our mission is to bring about a positive measurable impact on our clients’ motoring businesses through the exacting use of web based management systems and public facing websites.

Our Core Values

Without values nothing matters. The company’s core values are a code of conduct developed for itself as a guide in how it intends to do business. A company is a collection of people – its people therefore are the ones that need to adhere to these core values in the daily carrying out their activities.

  • Maintain industry-leading client satisfaction levels - today's work today, right first time, on time, every time.
  • Focus - limiting what we do, specialising in what we do, and doing it very well. Knowing lots about a little rather than a little about a lot.
  • Establishing a sustainable, profitable, recurring income business with better than fair returns for shareholders and above average employment remuneration and security for its people.
  • As a company we strive to provide an exciting and challenging working environment for our team that encourages them to push the boundaries of their professional and personal objectives.
  • As a supplier and as a client we strive to operate professionally, honestly, and with integrity.
  • As employers we try to employ the best person for each position through a selection process unquestionably free of any prejudice.

As a company and as a team we strive to make a positive difference to the community and the environment – through financial and especially personal involvement.

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