In order to effectively advertise any business, there are a number of avenues that must be explored. While simply managing a social media page can do a lot of good, you will need to address a few more elements if you wish to establish a successful online presence. Making use of Google (the most popular search engine) is one approach that can create a lot of traction for your products/services. In this regard, SEO should be done in the long term but for immediate lead generation, Google PPC is not just important, it is absolutely vital.

Direct Advertising Through Google

When someone is looking for something, they will often go to Google first. It is estimated that 8.5 billion searches are conducted on Google every single day. With this in mind, it makes sense that this traffic should be leveraged for marketing purposes. This is where PPC comes into play. Google Pay Per Click (or Google Ads) is a method of marketing that allows your website's link to show up before organic results when someone makes a specific search. Through precise targeting, Google PPC ensures that your ads only show up when someone is specifically looking for what your business has to offer. Furthermore, the “Pay Per Click” part of the equation means that you only pay when someone clicks your link. If done properly, a Google Ads campaign will allow your website to receive visits from people who have a real interest in your products/services. However, real measurable results are only possible with the guidance of Google experts. 

Specialist Google PPC Marketing with iX

The Google advertising team at iX is made up of individuals who have spent years developing their skills in order to become the specialists that they are today. As certified Google Ads professionals, they run Google PPC campaigns every single day. They know what it takes to succeed online as they are in the business of generating quality leads that make a difference to your bottom line. iX also understands that different businesses have different needs and budgets for their marketing, so we have two different packages, Google PPC Pro and Google PPC Lite, which allow you to choose the level of advertising investment that you want to make.

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