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We are an online marketing agency that specialises in the motor retail industry and provides a range of specialised products and enhanced services for its specific needs. If you want to be a part of this young, dynamic and forward-thinking team, contact us today.


What we do

iX looks after the Internet needs of more than 600 motor dealers as well as some leading motor retail groups and motor manufacturers, spread across 137 cities in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Available positions

  Leads Support Assistant

To respond to client’s queries on the distribution of their vehicle leads.

  Social Media Account Manager

To design web-based artwork for social media platforms to help build customer loyalty, boost our client’s reputation and build brand recognition.

  Team Leader: Email & SMS Marketing

To take the lead on email marketing strategies, lead a team of email marketers, ensure operations run smoothly, streamline processes and assist with growing the business.

  Senior: Media Creative

To assist with email marketing strategies, collaborate with multiple departments, manage campaign production and targeting strategies.

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