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iX prides itself on continuously striving for service excellence in all that we do. From the specialised systems we build, to getting things done right the first time and equally as important – creating lasting solutions for your business.

See what our clients have to say below. These are some of the compliments we have recently received.

"Thanks! You two ladies are great to work with. We can always rely on your help ."


"WELL DONE. Been great working with YOU."

Lanta Prinsloo

"From Sara-Marie: Hi Jennifer, I would just like to say thank you for all your help with the Audi The Glen campaign. I phoned and mailed you like a mad lady and you stayed friendly and helpful. Everything looks just like I wanted it to. Thank you for all your hard work. I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day! "


"Thank you for always going out of your way to help "

Stephen Nelson

"Thank you thank you thank you thank, for everything I did for her last week."


"These guys are very professional and as such so will the pages be. I would never get a company who doesn’t have high standards to do our Facebook pages as they are extremely important to the dealership and the group."

Frances Norton

"Hi Jenna, Thanks a MILLION for the Newsletter. It’s beautiful."

Kirsten Kee

"Thank you for your great service. No matter what time of day it is, you are always willing to help"


"Hi Jasmine, just some feedback – firstly thanks for setting up these goals. It gives a good overview of our site traffic."

Michelle Sonneburg

"STUNNING – I am soo happy. Thank you for making this work so quickly. You ROCK dude – without this team I would be... "

Chantelle Roberts

"WELL DONE. Been great working with YOU."


" Hi I would like to give a big thank you too Allen for assisting me with my problems I was having It has all been resolved I am very thankful for your help… Thanks to the support team for fixing my Facebook error."

Lisa Lee van Aswegen

" Hi Joanna We are very pleased with the website. You and your team did a fantastic job. "

Kyle von Maltitz

"Hi Allen, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance since I started as a New Vehicle Manager, also with regards to the valued advise and your support taking photos. I don’t know what I would have done without your help the past few months. I see you as a big asset to my team and the dealership. Warm Regards"

Annette van Niekerk

" Bravo! Well Done! You Did It! You'reThe Star! You shine! Take A Bow! "

Wernich Stander

" Great stuff, dankie vir jul vinnige hulp en reaksie "


" Thanks for all your hard work and positive influence in our business you must visit us more "


"According to Jared you have been assisting them for nearly 2 years? I am currently reviewing all group dealer services and looking at ways to synergize where possible. Especially if dealers have access to great services, like yours, we would like to assist others who don’t."

Mariantha Fryer

"YOU ARE NEXT LEVEL, thank you."

Shaun Palvi

" You are a star!!"

Santie Du Preez

"I would like to compliment yourself and the team that accompanied yourself yesterday, it was a very productive and entertaining meeting. It does increase our confidence levels in iX and our future relationship."

Jason Antao

"Jazzy You little champion! 6pm on a Friday and still working! That's commitment, the world needs more of you."


"Ag dankie jul is die beste!"



Louie Barnes

" Hi Carmen and Sam thank you for your visit yesterday and I have to say it was great to see so much enthusiasm from you 2 for your product."

Noeline Loubser

" Dankie vir jul as vriend , die ondersteuning wat ek deur die jare gekry het was ongelooflik en ek gaan jou en Bloemfontein baie mis "


"Great. Thanks Stephen. Your service is greatly admired and appreciated"

Lise Holloway

" Dankie jul is die BESTE !!"


"Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much."

Natalie Kandralides

" I love the support team, they always go the extra mile. They are really awesome."


"They all look fantastic, well done." For assistance with the banners."

Rui Fernandes

"Hi Rasheed, I just wanted to thank you for the great service you’ve given to the Ritchie Group since we started with iX last year. It’s great to work with someone so friendly and efficient. Thanks again. Kind regards,"

Shaun Steynberg

" It is great working with the Bloemfontein Webmasters"


" Hi Talisa, Thank you – I have been dealing with Jennifer. She has sorted this out for me. Thank you, Jennifer, for all your hard work."


"Thank you Sandy It’s been an immense pleasure working with you, thank you for all you’ve done. Do pop in for a friendship coffee when you’re in the area. I will not burden you with my ideas on development. All the best to you."


"Hi Sandy , Great job , you are the best. Have a wonderful weekend."

Johann Jonck

"HI Carmen, Likewise, was a pleasure meeting you. I must say I appreciate your enthusiasm for Subaru and especially Subaru Durban. It is contagious!"

Morne Viviers

"Carmen Is brilliant and Knowledgeable "

Dave Emond

"It is great working with you "


"Our website look great thanks for all the effort with our special "


"Hi Joanna Thank you, I am almost done with the feedback report – trying to consolidate all in one. It looks great, thanks!"


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